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Community Engagement

Antonio feels very fortunate to have enjoyed such a successful professional career, and he has long believed that it is vital to support the community that supports you. As a resident of Las Vegas, he has a personal connection to the city, as well as to the causes he believes in. His greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that his support effectuates a direct impact on improving his community.

Below are just some of the ways Antonio is engaged in his community:

  • Working directly with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the District Attorney's office, the United Way of Southern Nevada, Child Haven, and other organizations to address the immediate needs of individuals and the community as a whole, often involving contact with the people and places being served.

  • Donating his own private funds and holding fundraisers to contribute to the public good.

  • Actively participating in political processes and supporting local police in order to improve and protect the quality of life for all Nevadans.

  • Providing scholarships to deserving students to fund their education in various disciplines such as accounting, business, engineering, law, and medicine.

Charitable Organizations

Child Haven Mural
Three Square Logo
Opportunity Village Logo
Red Nose Day Logo
Midnight Mission Logo
Straight From the Streets Logo

Letters of Gratitude to Antonio
for his Donations over the Years

Scholarships Awarded by Antonio to Deserving Students to Attend These Universities

Brown University Logo.png
UNLV Law School Logo.png
Carnegie Mellon Unversity.png
UNLV School of Medicine Logo.png
Pepperdine University Logo.jpeg
USC Logo.jpeg

Get in Touch

Please reach out to Antonio if you are interested in collaborating with him in future fundraising events, or if you would like to donate to any charitable causes he supports.

Also, please contact Antonio if you would like to be considered for a scholarship opportunity.

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