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LVMPD Foundation Hosts Summit Recognizing Ladies Leadership in Law Enforcement

Oct 5, 2023

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department News

Las Vegas, October 05, 2023 – The LVMPD Foundation hosted its 3rd Annual Ladies Leadership in Law Enforcement Summit Thursday at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa. The yearly event serves to bring together female officers, supervisors, and those invested in promoting female leadership and increasing diversity and inclusion in law enforcement. Focusing on the growth and advancement of women in policing, established and emerging leaders gather to share valuable strategies to support and empower women in the Department.

This year’s special guest speakers included: Jan Jones Blackhurst, UNLV Chief Executive; Pilar Harris, Formula 1 Senior Director; Julie Rodriguez, LAPD Lieutenant; Tina Talim, Chief Deputy District Attorney; and Missy Young, SWITCH CIO. Prominent community leaders also attended the Summit, including Antonio Accornero, who continues to support the LVMPD, with special funding allocated to the Women of Metro. “In a male-dominated industry, it’s important to foster the growth of female officers in the department,” said Accornero. “We, as a community, can help make a difference for women in law enforcement.”

Attendees were inspired to rise in the ranks and were armed with strategies from industry experts with decades of experience. Key themes were: progression for success, guidance and support for development, the future of female police officers, and the importance of mental health awareness. In addition, guests were able to increase their personal and professional networks to reach their goals, as well as access opportunities for success when preparing for promotion. Lastly, one of the most valuable messages of the day was the importance of having a strong mentorship program for female officers.

The number of attendees at this year’s Ladies Leadership in Law Enforcement Summit increased significantly over last year’s total, and event hosts are optimistic that those numbers will increase in upcoming years. Achievement for women in law enforcement equals success in the police department, which translates to success in the community. And in a town built on gambling, that’s a win for everyone!

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