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LVMPD Citizens’ Police Academy Training Has Begun

Jun 1, 2022

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department News

Las Vegas, June 01, 2022 – The initial class of the 2022 LVMPD Citizens’ Police Academy is well underway, having provided the first four weeks of training to specially selected Las Vegas community members. Antonio Accornero is one of the outstanding citizens to have been accepted into the Academy, and he has already had the opportunity to interact directly with Police Department members. He will continue to cultivate his relationship with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department throughout the remainder of the course and, upon graduation, will become a member of the Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association. As an alumni member, he will be granted exclusive access to law enforcement meetings and LVMPD special events.

The Academy’s 12-week program provides classroom and interactive instruction, and participants are given the same information that police recruits and officers receive.
Classes include:

• Metro Organization and Culture
• Fraud/Identity Theft
• Crime Prevention Overview
• Use of Force
• Sexual Assault Awareness/Prevention
• MACTAC/The Active Shooter
• Traffic/DUI Enforcement
• CPAAA/Metro Volunteer Program
• K-9 Demonstration
• Life as a Patrol Officer
• Constitutional Law
• Narcotics
• Firearms Training
• SWAT Demonstration
• Search & Rescue
• Gangs
• Jail Tour
• Counter Terrorism
• Homicide
• Tactical Night

Participants will also have the opportunity to do a ride along with an officer so that they can see firsthand what a day in the life of patrol officers is like. As a longtime supporter of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Antonio is looking forward to completing the Citizens’ Police Academy training and solidifying his status as a Friend of Metro.

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