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Local Business Leader Pledges His Support in 2024 Mayoral Race

Jan 23, 2024

2024 Election News

Las Vegas, January 22, 2024 – The year 2024 will prove to be a crucial one in the election cycle, not only at the national level, but also in state and local government. In the race for Las Vegas Mayor, candidates are seeking to replace termed-out Mayor Carolyn Goodman after she and her husband, Oscar Goodman, have held the role for a combined 25 years. The Goodmans’ reign mainly focused on revitalizing and expanding downtown Las Vegas, as well as bringing professional sports teams to the valley.

With Mayor Carolyn Goodman termed out, many people have thrown their hats in the ring, including former Rep. Shelley Berkley, a seven-time U.S. congresswoman and lifelong Las Vegan. In a candidate forum held last October, Las Vegas mayor hopefuls discussed issues plaguing the city, including pervasive homelessness, mediocre public schools, rising property crime statistics, and soaring housing costs. In presenting their individual plans, they detailed the priorities for their first 100 days in office.

Of all the candidates, Berkley brings the most experience, with a lengthy career that included time in the Legislature, on the Board of Regents, and in Congress. Berkley has pointed to her long history in elected office, indicating that it’s crucial to elect someone who will have a “steady hand at the helm” of Las Vegas’s growth. “My congressional district overlaid the city of Las Vegas,” explains Berkley, “so there isn’t anything that was happening in the city that I wasn’t intimately involved in.”

Local businessman Antonio Accornero feels that Shelley Berkley is the most qualified candidate for the position of Mayor, and he invited Berkley and her husband to have dinner with him at one of his restaurants, in order to hear the candidate’s plans for the city. “Our public education system is one of the worst in the country,” lamented Accornero, “and we really have a problem with homelessness, which affects every sector of the city. We need to address these issues now, for Las Vegas to successfully grow over the coming years.”

Berkley agreed, assuring him that her experience and knowledge will allow her to set the tone for the next four years within the first 100 days if she wins the election. She and Accornero are on the same page as far as fostering a strong relationship with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, an organization Accornero ardently supports. Not only does Berkley have a positive rapport with Metro, but she also maintains open lines of communication with every group that works in city government, including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson officials. Additionally, she is a proponent of enhancing medical care in the region by keeping locally educated doctors in Southern Nevada.

Mayoral candidate Shelley Berkley believes that the next 10 years in Las Vegas are “going to be explosive” and that increasing the number of physicians in the area, expanding the sports and technology industry, tackling homelessness, and improving education and transportation will take the city to the next level. Berkley has made public service her life, and she hasn’t lost her zeal for the job. If anything, she is now more passionate than ever to serve the city she calls home!

Antonio Accornero is a longtime resident of Las Vegas. Some of the ways he is engaged in his community include: working directly with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the District Attorney’s office, the United Way of Southern Nevada, and other organizations to address the immediate needs of individuals and the community as a whole; donating his own private funds and holding fundraisers to contribute to the public good; actively participating in political processes and supporting local police in order to improve and protect the quality of life for all Nevadans; and providing scholarships to deserving students to fund their education in various disciplines. For more information about Antonio’s philanthropic efforts and how to become involved with the above-mentioned charitable organizations, please visit

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