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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Recognizes Prominent Local Donor

Apr 1, 2022

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department News

Las Vegas, April 01, 2022 – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recognized local businessman, Antonio Accornero, Friday with a Dedication Paver Ceremony in his honor. The event celebrated Mr. Accornero’s personal and business contributions to the police department by placing four pavers on the grounds outside the front entrance of the main building of LVMPD Headquarters.

Mr. Accornero expressed his gratitude for being recognized: “For years, I’ve been supporting and getting close to the men and women of Metro, and I appreciate the important work that they do. Every day, these heroes put their lives on the line to protect us and our families, and I’m extremely grateful for that.”

Accornero’s generous contributions over the years have helped to fund many initiatives, such as community engagement and public safety programs. A longtime supporter of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Accornero pledges to continue to advocate for the Department with upcoming fundraising events. For information on how to support the LVMPD, please visit

Antonio Accornero is an entrepreneur, community leader, and philanthropist who is a long-time resident of Las Vegas. Although he has lived all over the world, he is proud to call Las Vegas home, and he derives his greatest sense of fulfillment from giving back to the city he loves. Antonio feels very fortunate to have enjoyed such a successful professional career, and he has long believed that it is vital to support the community that supports its citizens. As a resident of Las Vegas, he has a personal connection to the city, as well as to the causes he believes in. His greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that his support effectuates a direct impact on improving his community. Antonio's mission is to work side by side with charitable organizations and community leaders to create a better, safer Las Vegas for everyone. Antonio envisions a path toward a brighter future for all of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Some of the ways Antonio is engaged in his community include: working directly with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the District Attorney’s office, and other organizations to address the immediate needs of individuals and the community as a whole; donating his own private funds and holding fundraisers to contribute to the public good; actively participating in political processes and supporting local police in order to improve and protect the quality of life for all Nevadans; and providing scholarships to deserving students to fund their education in various disciplines. For more information about Antonio’s philanthropic efforts and how to become involved, please visit

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