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Las Vegas Businessman Tours State-of-the-Art Fusion Watch Center at LVMPD

Feb 13, 2023

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department News

Las Vegas, February 13, 2023 – Prominent Las Vegas entrepreneur Antonio Accornero was invited for a private tour of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Fusion Watch Center on Monday. Fusion Watch, a 24/7 real-time crime center situated in the LMVPD Fusion Center, is a virtual crime-fighting unit responsible for the development and deployment of advanced technologies to prevent crime and terrorism across the Las Vegas Valley. Fusion Watch operates under the mantra that one officer behind a keyboard can be equivalent to three or more officers on the street and is responsible for proactive police work and patrol watch via their network of 600+ public safety cameras.

Due to his close working relationship with the LVMPD, Mr. Accornero had the rare opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the highly-sensitive Center, learning more about the unit during a meeting with Sergeant Brian Leahy of the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center.

Metro’s ever-growing Fusion Watch Center is a hub of cameras, monitors, facial recognition software, and other sophisticated tools to keep the community safe from crime. “This is the future of policing,” said Accornero. “I really appreciate that the LVMPD is also working with private citizens and businesses by encouraging them to connect their monitoring systems directly to the Police Department. By working together using these cameras and other technology, the LVMPD will be able to solve crimes even faster.”

After the tour, Mr. Accornero met with his friend, newly-appointed Undersheriff Sasha Larkin, to coordinate upcoming events and fundraisers to benefit the LVMPD and Women of Metro. With 2023 being the 50th Anniversary of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, there are many great developments to look forward to as the city of Las Vegas continues to grow!

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