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Las Vegas Businessman Collaborates with United Way of Southern Nevada

Aug 11, 2022

Benefitting United Way of Southern Nevada

Las Vegas, August 11, 2022 – Local businessman and philanthropist Antonio Accornero met with the President and CEO of United Way of Southern Nevada, Julian High, on Thursday to discuss plans to collaborate on future fundraising events. Mr. Accornero is a major contributor to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a community partner of United Way of Southern Nevada, so it was a natural progression for him to become involved with UWSN and their efforts. “United Way is doing such crucial work in and for our community, partnering with dozens of nonprofits in Clark County. I wanted to personally meet with Mr. High to discuss what I could do to contribute.”

United Way of Southern Nevada stands at the center of the community to provide solutions to Clark County's toughest problems. Working side-by-side with Southern Nevada nonprofits, businesses, and local leaders, UWSN tackles critical human services issues and builds pathways out of poverty. Donations to UWSN stay local and support the entire community and not just one cause.

Mr. High has expressed his gratitude for working in the community where he grew up and described his plans for the future. “I am proud to announce funding to 38 organizations, five times as many than in years past, that will help provide quality education, workforce development, and support to our community. Most importantly, these 38 organizations will help a diverse group of individuals throughout Southern Nevada.”

Mr. Accornero has already contributed to United Way of Southern Nevada in donations targeted at UWSN’s collaboration with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. During his meeting with Julian High, Accornero was so moved to learn more about all of the assistance United Way of Southern Nevada provides to the community, as well as to see Mr. High’s dedication to the cause, that he pledged his ongoing support of UWSN. He is eager to continue donating to their cause and working with them on future fundraising efforts. For more information about UWSN, please visit

Antonio Accornero is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is a long-time resident of Las Vegas. Some of the ways he is engaged in his community include: working directly with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the District Attorney’s office, the United Way of Southern Nevada, and other organizations to address the immediate needs of individuals and the community as a whole; donating his own private funds and holding fundraisers to contribute to the public good; actively participating in political processes and supporting local police in order to improve and protect the quality of life for all Nevadans; and providing scholarships to deserving students to fund their education in various disciplines. For more information about Antonio’s philanthropic efforts and how to become involved with the above-mentioned charitable organizations, please visit

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