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Fundraiser Held for Mayoral Candidate Shelley Berkley

Mar 6, 2024

2024 Election News

Las Vegas, March 05, 2024 – As the Las Vegas Mayoral Primary Election draws near, political candidates are ramping up their efforts to garner support for their campaigns. Several candidates are vying for the position, but if the turnout at a private fundraiser held Tuesday for Shelley Berkley is any indication, her chances look excellent. The gathering drew the “Who’s Who” of Las Vegas — and for good reason. Of all the candidates, Berkley brings the most experience, with a lengthy career that included time in the Legislature, on the Board of Regents, and in Congress. The former seven-term congresswoman has pointed to her long history in elected office, indicating that it’s crucial to elect someone who will have a “steady hand at the helm” of Las Vegas’s growth. “My congressional district overlaid the city of Las Vegas,” explains Berkley, “so there isn’t anything that was happening in the city that I wasn’t intimately involved in.”

Tuesday’s event was hosted by former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones Blackhurst and Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, among other Las Vegas area VIPs. In attendance was local businessman Antonio Accornero, a friend and supporter of Steve Wolfson and his daughter Rebecca, who is currently running for Municipal Court Judge. In addition to supporting the Wolfsons, Accornero is also sponsoring Shelley Berkley in her run for Mayor. “Shelley is the best candidate for Mayor,” said Accornero. “With her experience, knowledge, and strong relationship with the LVMPD, she’s going to make great strides for our growing city.”

Both Steve and Rebecca Wolfson, as well as Jan Jones Blackhurst, spoke at Tuesday evening’s fundraiser, lauding Berkley for her outstanding accomplishments in public service. Berkley, who began her career as a practicing attorney, was first elected to the Nevada Assembly in 1983 and then served on the Nevada Board of Regents from 1990 to 1998. From 1999 to 2013, Berkley was in Washington representing a congressional district in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley.

Shelley Berkley believes that the next 10 years in Las Vegas are “going to be explosive” and that increasing the number of physicians in the area, expanding the sports and technology industry, tackling homelessness, and improving education and transportation will take the city to the next level. Berkley has made public service her life, and she hasn’t lost her zeal for the job. If anything, she is now more passionate than ever to serve the city she calls home!

Antonio Accornero is a longtime resident of Las Vegas. Some of the ways he is engaged in his community include: working directly with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the District Attorney’s office, the United Way of Southern Nevada, and other organizations to address the immediate needs of individuals and the community as a whole; donating his own private funds and holding fundraisers to contribute to the public good; actively participating in political processes and supporting local police in order to improve and protect the quality of life for all Nevadans; and providing scholarships to deserving students to fund their education in various disciplines. For more information about Antonio’s philanthropic efforts and how to become involved with the above-mentioned charitable organizations, please visit

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